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Phoenix Dactylifera

    Phoenix Dactylifera

    The date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) belongs to the palm family (Palmae or Arecaceae), and is widely planted in North Africa because of the edible fruits, the dates. This plantation is already happening thousands of years. Therefore, the original origin is not exactly known, it is probably form Southwest Asia or North Africa. In its country of origin (North Africa and Southern Mediterranean area) the plant becomes up to 25 meters high, where multiple trunks can form from out of one root system.

    A large dactylifera grows faster than a young one, especially in the summer. In the winter when the Dactylifera sleeps, they will hardly grow, neverthless they will if they are kept warm. A smaller dactylifera grows by about 10cm per year. So it depends on the size of the palm and its environment on how fast it will grow. In the winter period the Dactylifera does not need a lot of water, once a week a bit more than enough, the warmer the weather gets and the more sun it receives, the more water it needs. During really hot days, a dactylifera can need water twice a day and also likes to be sprayed wet once.

    In Northern areas such as the Netherlands and Germany its also good to Keep as a Terrace or a tub plant because the palm in these areas grows only moderately high about 3 to 4 meters and is very resistant to the cold winters, he can tolerate easily up to -15 degrees celcius, but below -10 is always recommended to wrap the trunk with fiber cloth. Its Available from 1 to 6 meters in height.