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We currently have the necessary machinery for handling and loading the trees that allows us to move them from their original location in the field to their destination, through our nurseries, without having to contact external services.

To be able to transmit security and stability in a load, it is necessary to know it, as well as its volumes and what the trees will be loaded to be able to follow a safe strategy and, in Delcampoimpex, we know them perfectly.

Our loads are based on the good care and transport of our trees. We want the product to reach its destination without suffering any damage in transport, just as carefully as in the original nursery. That is why we take into account every inch of the branches, because they are the ones that suffer the most when moving to their new home.

The loads are made in our nurseries, and according to the destination we adapt the shipping method, since international shipments are made by containers loaded in the ports.

If you need more information, you can contact us without problem.