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Cactus Pachycereus Pringlei

    Cactus Pachycereus Pringlei

    The Pachycereus Pringlei is a cactus that becomes more and more beautiful and impressive over the years. It is a so-called columnar cactus, which can grow very old and grows to very impressive heights in nature. It takes many decades to do this, so don’t expect rapid growth at home. It is also called cardon cactus. A derivation of the Spanish cardo, which means thistle and refers to the very present and sharp thorns.
    You can treat this plant like a real cactus. Give it a warm and sunny spot in the house for this. For example, a south-facing windowsill is ideal. It can grow with much less light, but will grow even slower or irregularly. Which makes it taper or gets thick and thinner parts.
    Preferably provide young plants with new soil for cacti every 3 years and, if necessary, give a larger size pot. Older specimens can remain in the same pot and soil for up to 5 years. Due to the sharp thorns, caution is advised. For example, use sturdy gardening gloves and / or wrap the Pachycereus Pringlei cactus in a layer of newspaper or cardboard to remove it from its pot. To prevent the cactus from getting its roots in water, you can fill the bottom layer of the pot with potsherds or gravel.

    Care: give little water and only when the soil has really dried out, best every 2 to 3 weeks, requires a lot of light and especially sunlight.
    Hardiness: Not hardy