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Brahea Armata

    Brahea Armata

    Ornamental palm tree native to Baja California and Mexico. It can reach heights of up to 15 meters, with a solid trunk. Its clearly bluish leaves are 1-2 m wide, with long petioles. The leaves are persistent in nature, forming a hairy covering all over the trunk. The inflorescences extend beyond the crown, reaching 5 meters in length. Its flowers are small and appear in February and March, while the fruits are 18-24 mm. long and brown in color with an ovoid or globose shape.

    The palm has its origin in a dry climate, and can therefore tolerate moderate moisture. Especially in a wet winter is not good for this palm. The Brahea armata is hardy to -5 degrees , but can survive temperatures down to -10 degrees in a dry winter.