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Carissa macrocarpa

    Carissa macrocarpa

    The shrub originates from South America mainly Brasil with thick shiny leaves. Gets 5m high in country of origin, but remains much lower in our climate. Has strong scented flowers that smell like Jasmine with a long flower tube and can be white or sometimes pinkish, followed by round pink fruits. These are edible and have a red flesh, are tasty, juicy and taste like strawberries and plums. The branches are covered with branched thorns up to 5 cm long. The shrub is best kept here as a tub plant and should overwinter frost-free. Can be used for bonsai.

    Flowering: color White
    Flowering: month June, July, August, September
    Leaf color: Green
    Evergreen: Evergreen
    Hardiness :Not hardy
    Place Sun, Partial shade
    Habitat Dry soil, Normal soil
    PH soil Neutral